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Customs Clearance

Although Customs Clearance is offered as part of our own services, we additionally offer a Stand-Alone, full Customs Clearance & Brokerage service for Importers, Exporters, Local and Overseas Cargo Agents. We do not need to carry your goods to clear consignment for you through Irish Customs.

As some importers have been discovering to their detriment, the days of cheap Customs Clearance services are coming to an end. There is no quick fix or easy way out for getting your goods through Customs. Incorrect Customs declarations found afterwards during examinations or regular Customs Audits, which can take place up to seven years after import, can lead to heavy penalties, back payments of unpaid or underpaid Customs duties and taxes and interest payments. It may also result in more detailed audits of your business, loss of your good reputation with Customs and possibly leading to your shipments and paperwork getting examined more often, thereby delaying future imports and increasing your costs.

At Multi Cargo Limited we have stuck to our policy throughout all our years of working closely with the client to ensure we only submit Customs Entries and paperwork that will comply with Customs requirements and that the correct Customs Duties and taxes have been paid to the best of our knowledge. With the onset of BREXIT this will become more and more important to Irish shippers and importers.

  • Customs Compliance: We will work closely with you and Customs & Excise to ensure that only the correct Customs Tariff headings are used and that you pay as little Duty and/or VAT as is legally required on your Customs Clearance Declaration.

    Customs Clearance in Dublin, Cork, Shannon We can take care of your Customs Clearance in Dublin, Cork, Shannon and all major Air and Sea Ports in Ireland including Foreign Parcel Post depot Portlaoise and CFS & Courier bonded warehouses nationwide

  • Customs Clearance Brokers: We have been offering an impartial stand-alone Customs Clearance service to Cargo and Shipping Agents for more than 20 years. Strictest confidentiality is assured.
  • Import/Export: Import or Export, Airfreight, Parcel Post, Sea freight or Road freight Customs Clearances, can be handled by us.
  • Documentation: In addition to the standard S.A.D. or E.A.D. declarations, we have experience of the following Customs documentation/procedures: ATA Carnets, GSP, ATR1, EUR1, T2L documents, Temporary Import/Export, Inward and Outward Processing and End Use.
  • Stand-Alone Clearance: We can handle your Customs Clearance requirements even if we do not carry the goods for you. It is not a prerequisite for us to be the carrier.
  • Experience: The majority of our staff have over 20 years specific experience in Customs Clearance & Import regulations.
  • Fiscal Representation/Onward Supply: We can arrange clearance of your shipments under Fiscal Representation/Onward Supply Rules for containers transiting via Holland and Belgium. Under these rules Customs Duty is paid in Holland or Belgium to place your shipments into EU Free Circulation and import VAT is waived and accounted for on your EU sales list/Intrastat Returns instead. The benefit of this is that it improves cash flow as large amounts of VAT are not outlaid on your import shipments to Customs and it also speeds up the delivery time for your containers as they do not require extra Customs Clearance on arrival.

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