Please complete the below request form and remember to ensure to include the number of packages, weights, dimensions: Length, Width and Height, of each package to be shipped. Also include the collection address and delivery place, port or airport at destination.

We only offer import prices on an FOB basis from anywhere other than the United States or Canada. If your supplier is offering Ex Factory/Works and is not in the US or Canada, ask for an FOB Main Port price from them. Also avoid any suppliers offers to ship the goods for you, usually under CIF /CNF /CFR terms as you can face significant unexpected costs when the goods arrive in Ireland regardless of what they say you should have to pay over here.


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N.B. If the cargo has already arrived in Ireland and you have received an Arrival Notice with a price from the carrier/agent please ensure to tell us this in your message, it can save a lot of time for everyone as we can provide the correct advice immediately.

We cannot arrange the importation of personal belongings from overseas to Ireland. This should really be arranged with a company specialising only in Household Removals, preferably through a company based in the country of exportation and with a fixed Door to Door price. However, if your personal effects have already arrived in Ireland or arrival is imminent and you need assistance with clearing them through Customs we can normally assist or advise best course of action for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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    All business is undertaken by the company only in accordance with our terms and conditions of carriage, a copy of which is available upon request. No insurance of goods will be effected except upon express written instructions.

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